FANGS: Tropiezos entre los gigantes de tecnología

Esta semana pasada nos preguntaron: ¿Qué está pasando con las mega-empresas de ciberespacio? ¿Y porqué le llaman FANG? El segmento de TecnoSalud de hoy brinda detalles de noticias y retos del sector de tecnología que quizás ayuden a poner en perspectiva la reciente caída en las valuaciones de algunas de las principales empresas del sector.

Este artículo es el texto de base para el segmento de TecnoSalud que salió al aire el 15 de febrero de 2016 en Tu Salud Financiera por TiVA TV. El texto provee más detalles que durante el programa en vivo a veces se escapan.

New Educational and Professional Development Opportunities for Students

Altamente celebrates its second year of the Taller de Animadores Educativos, an internship opportunity open to university students interested in an experiential learning opportunity. Participants in the workshop not only grow professionally but also have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of academic concepts from courses in business, social theory and education through their active pariticipation in educational enrichment events designed by Altamente and hosted in schools.  For more information please contact us through the Contact Form.

Altamente Expands Its Media Presence

Begin your work week with science, technology and society insights from Altamente!

Starting September 23, 2015, both, James O'Malley and Laura Gorbea, Altamente's co-founders and lead consultants will be participating in Monday segments discussing technology, society and culture during the economic news analysis program: "Tu Salud Financiera".  If you would like to see the full list of TecnoSalud segments you can also access our episodes playlist on or you can catch the program live!After the show airs, a we often post our research and comments on the topic


An Ethnographic Look at Science and Technology Economic Development Policies



In 2013, Altamente sponsored ethnographic research into innovation and technology public policy in Puerto Rico. The study spans a decade of policies from 1998 to 2008, particularly the implementation stage of Arthur D. Little's Economic Development Plan (1990s), the Science and Technology Roadmap of 2002 and the Puerto Rico 2025 Initiative. The research methodology combines participant observation, interviews, source document and correspondence, aided by social, cultural and economic analysis in multitiered approach that articulates the voices of several levels of government as well as multinational and local corporate actors, non-profit organizations, individuals and academia. This project documents socio-cultural and economic patterns of behavior and perspectives that characterize diverse groups of actors in the Puerto Rico innovation eco-system. 

Findings from this research were shared in a paper entitled "Running to a Standstill: Developing a Hight Technology Sector in Puerto Rico" presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico (2014). Copies of the presentation are available upon request, using our contact form.

New Service for Online Campaigns and Fundraising

Pioneers in open source solutions for business in Puerto Rico, Altamente now offers Kanpora, an online platform that makes CivicCRM and Drupal based solutions easy to implement.

In March 2013, Altamente started exploring technology alternatives that would enable non-profits to do more good works, optimizing their administrative processes and contributor relationship management.