Wordpress Spammer Bots - A Workaround that Works

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

We run a small sitewide multi-domain Wordpress installation for blogs and simple sites.  Wordpress (and before that Wordpress MU) is easy to install, manage, hack, and looks nice out of the box.

The only problem is that it is just not that well engineered, and I have done more than my fair share of double takes as to how primitive the system is.

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

Here is a specific example and my method for working around a particular limitation (without patching the core). 

President Chooses Drupal for

Altamente has used and developed for Drupal CMS web publishing platform for more than 5 years.

News has been breaking today that was build with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), the very same publishing platform that we use here at Altamente.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  Smart people choose Drupal. 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do–an application suite, not just a Web site—has tricks even Office can't manage. Here are a few that may not be obvious, plus a few ways to make it less annoying out of the box.

We are starting to see more movement in adoption of OpenOffice. There are many reasons, but a recent article in PC Magazine,,2817,2341228,00.asp, lists some really killer features. Pay special attention to legacy formats. Using OpenOffice one can open just about any file, DOC, XLS, PPT, old or new.

Caribbean Business Article on Open Source

Altamente was consulted on an article that came out today in Caribbean Business, a local business journal in Puerto Rico.

Open source gains enthusiasts as economic IT alternative

I think they got the article right. It came across as balanced and productive. At Altamente, we have never been proprietary software bashers, but we do know that Open Source/Software Libre represents a considerable business advantage in many areas. Read the article and give us a call. We would be happy to save you 20% on your I.T. budget while giving you a leg up on your competition.

Calls for open source government

The secret to a more secure and cost effective government is through open source technologies and products.

Open Source or Software Libre deserves a prominent place in the proper functioning of Government. From transparency in accounting to public policy, software applications and open data formats allow equal access to information that rightly belongs in the public domain. President Barrack Obama has begun his term with a request to Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, to explore in what manner Open Source can serve the public good.

From the BBC:

The secret to a more secure and cost effective government is through open source technologies and products.

The claim comes from one of Silicon Valley's most respected business leaders Scott McNealy, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

He revealed he has been asked to prepare a paper on the subject for the new administration.

"It's intuitively obvious open source is more cost effective and productive than proprietary software," he said.

"Open source does not require you to pay a penny to Microsoft or IBM or Oracle or any proprietary vendor any money."

Mr McNealy told the BBC he wants to ensure the government does not get "locked in" to one specific vendor or company.

It is obvious to us as well.  The real benefit is, however, not that you do not have to pay anyone for software and services, but that you are not required to pay a particular vendor. Open Source software distributed under the GPL license allows you, the company or organization, to choose your partner. Since you have a choice, vendors compete for your business, and as a result may provide a more competitive solution.

Read "Top 10 Ways to Save Money on IT in 2009" for a better idea of Altamente's ideas on IT costs.