Company News

New Educational and Professional Development Opportunities for Students

Altamente celebrates its second year of the Taller de Animadores Educativos, an internship opportunity open to university students interested in an experiential learning opportunity. Participants in the workshop not only grow professionally but also have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of academic concepts from courses in business, social theory and education through their active pariticipation in educational enrichment events designed by Altamente and hosted in schools.  For more information please contact us through the Contact Form.

Kanpora Brings Webmail, Cloud Services and Collaboration

Over the next few months we will be upgrading and migrating our customers to a new web service. For the same monthly fee* they will now have access to cloud storage and sharing of files as well as the ability to coordinate calendars with co-workers and share contacts. These new services all extend to apps on mobile devices.Have you factored in the cost of the myriad of "free" services?

Technology for Entrepreneurs

This past April 2005, the Women's Business Institute invited Altamente's co-Founder and President, Laura Gorbea to speak at their annual conference "Empresarismo con Aroma de Mujer." Drawing from her personal experience, Gorbea spoke about the challenges entrepreneurs face as they try to balance family, business, and other commitments. Gorbea detailed her own use of technology to make her use of time more effective. The presentation closed with general guidelines aimed at ensuring effective investments in technologies for business.

The appeal and success of Gorbea's participation in the April 19th event led to a new invitation to continue to provide technology advice to women entrepreneurs through projects under development by the Women Business Institute.