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Looking for Internet solutions for your business or new project? Whether you need a secure web server or an ally who can help you develop a new web strategy, Altamente's expertise in cost effective and secure Internet solutions for business can make the difference.

Interested in changing your organization's work culture or productively engaging the community? Altamente's active socio-cultural research branch uses anthropological methods and theory to collect and analyze data that will bridge the gap between trends and theory and your bottom line. Altamente is committed to working and walking with you as we progress through understanding the problem, carrying out research, analyzing data, designing a way forward and implementing the plan. 

Got a question that needs field study or a project that needs a local, field ready, tech savvy team? Altamente has a whole suite of online, back-office and field solutions research tools. Through our intership program we train students from several local universities in field methods, applied social sciences and technology. 

If you have the team and only access to technology solutions, Altamente can help you too. Our decades of experience with security, encryption, virtual private networks, email, cloud services and web portals makes our research setup secure, flexible data gathering platform that integrates with many back office data analysis programs. Our research team online environment will allow you to have secure data access and data sharing capabilities.

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If you are interested in obtaining copies past reports, presentation, articles, or active investigations please specify the particular topic and we will reply with a list of materials available.