Kanpora Brings Webmail, Cloud Services and Collaboration

Over the next few months we will be upgrading and migrating our customers to a new web service. For the same monthly fee* they will now have access to cloud storage and sharing of files as well as the ability to coordinate calendars with co-workers and share contacts. These new services all extend to apps on mobile devices.Have you factored in the cost of the myriad of "free" services?

At Altamente we periodically review with our clients the ownership and location of their corporate documents.  Laptops and home computers are secondary work places with lives outside of the office where letters, spreadsheets, proposals and reports are all furthered. As work teams and technology evolve free web services call out like sirens that promise greater efficiency and access. With the focus on what is next it is often the case that document ownership and placement are easily overlooked.Anybody who has ever had to deal with the challenge of communicating effectively a problem or presenting a service request to a huge free or low cost service provider knows that one of the hidden costs of the free service is tendered when needs change or you want to migrate your data or your service elsewhere.When you are ready to leave the "farm" and are looking for partners in growth, consider Altamente.

If you would like to know more about kanpora.altamente.com services or how Altamente can help your organization, feel free to contact us.

*Monthly fees vary from customer to customer and are based on annual service agreements.