Engineering Analysis

Wordpress Spammer Bots - A Workaround that Works

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

We run a small sitewide multi-domain Wordpress installation for blogs and simple sites.  Wordpress (and before that Wordpress MU) is easy to install, manage, hack, and looks nice out of the box.

The only problem is that it is just not that well engineered, and I have done more than my fair share of double takes as to how primitive the system is.

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

Here is a specific example and my method for working around a particular limitation (without patching the core). 

Rewrite of inter7's qmail-tap patch (now works with netqmail-1.05-r8 for Gentoo)

This is a fresh rewrite of inter7's qmail-tap patch, adapted to work with current versions of netqmail on Gentoo Linux. If you use another flavor of Linux, this is not for you.

To use:

Set QMAIL_PATCH_DIR="/foo/" in make.conf, drop this file in there (I use /usr/src/qmail-patches/), and emerge netqmail. This patch works with with the following USE flags: USE="qmail-spp ssl".

Binary Data

Mysql ISO-8859-1 (LATIN1) to UTF-8

I thought I would throw in a link to a howto I wrote over at OG Consulting. I would wager there are a few people out there that have legacy data in an old MySQL installation (4.0.x and below), and need to bring their installation up to date. I believe the MySQL folks are going to EOL (end of life) MySQL versions less than 4.1.x, so it is now a necessity to get it up to speed. For those of you with a lot of legacy data, I've written a little tutorial on stuffing your mixed character encoded data into a fresh shiny new MySQL installation.

Take a look here.