"Busca el Sello!" - Selling "Made in Puerto Rico" to a Global Market

Here at Altamente we have a long standing commitment to advancing the social and economic welfare of our community.  Since the Puerto Rico Products Association has been our client since 2002, we saw an opportunity to combine its growth in the Internet with public service.  After their site launched it became apparent that it had quickly become the primary link in Internet searches looking for Puerto Rico + Products. We informed the Association that their site's google performance was an enviable starting point for answering the question: What are those products and services made in Puerto Rico?

The Association had been exploring new ways to drive exports, but they were not alone. The government's Commerce and Export Company had also drawn as its top priority growing the local economy through increased exports. The challenge faced by both entities was drumming up excitement and investment abroad amidst a sluggish economy.

Altamente donated its time and effort developing a three phase institutional project for its client. The project, Bridging the Globe, is designed to increase export activity and as a result grow the local economy. The first stage proposed was a marketing campaign designed to improve the local market conditions.

The campaign gave a call to action for individual consumers to become agents of economic development. "Busca el sello...invierte en tí" ("Look for the seal...invest in yourelf") was the slogan crafted and communicated through traditional and non-traditional media. The ads went on to explain how purchasing local products and services has a very real impact in a person's surroundings. For every dollar spent on a local product or service 70 cents stay on the Island, helping generate jobs and spurring investment in local infrastructure.

Click here to see the ad run by Altamente in support of the "Busca el Sello" Campaign.

Just today, more than a year after the campaign started I saw the campaign slogan decorating the back of a delivery truck. The campaign met its core objectives: to re-energize local companies through. According to figures shared by Sam's, Wal-mart and Amigo Supermarkets, compared to the same time in 2006, sales for products identified as Made in Puerto Rico grew 8%. Amidst a recession the numbers show that a renewed sense of purpose-driven purchasing took hold.

Now we are proud to announce that with the support of Sacred Heart University we have begun to work on a directory of products and services Made in Puerto Rico. Once again, Altamente will put forth the general strategy, project management and technology. Sacred Heart University in its renewed commitment to entrepreneurism and innovation will be engaging students in the many facets of successfully promoting local Puerto Rican products and services on the Internet. Stay tuned for updates on this project come Fall.