Holsum celebrates 50th Anniversary with new web presence

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, Holsum launched a new website and an ad campaign. At the website, visitors find a collection of new and retro "You Tube" style Holsum commercials, information about the process of baking bread and cookies, delicious and unique recipes using Holsum products, important health articles, information on how Holsum contributes to the community and more.

Holsum is Puerto Rico's leading producer of packaged breads and pastries.  It's products are distributed islandwide to thousands of locations.  The company employs over 800 people.

Visit Holsum's site.

Altamente's Contribution to the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce

Length Engagement: 9 years, 2001-2010

As one of the tech start up pioneers, Altamente has always been committed to helping bridge the knowledge divide between well intentioned government policies to foster high tech innovation on the Island and the reality of being a startup.


Proposed and led the charge to create a committee that represented both technology solutions and represented the local emerging technologies sector. 

Women's Business Institute

Length of relationship: 4 years


  • Advisor: For three consecutive years, Altamente has provided business and technology advise to hundreds of women business owners on the bi-monthly entrepreneurial forum: 'Among Women Entrepreneurs'. 
  • Technology: Altamente donated the technology to accept credit card payments for the organization's main annual event. 
  • Speaker: Laura Gorbea was invited to share her knowledge on entrepreneurship and technology at 'Entrepreneurship with the Scent of a Woman', the organization's main annual event and at several other events.

Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department

Length of relationship: 6 years


  • Advisor: 2002-2003

Altamente was extensively consulted for insight into business needs of high technology startup firms before the launch of Puerto Rico's first High-Technology Business Incubator. Altamente assisted in the conceptualization of means to ensure sustainability of the project and technology infrastructure needs. In 2004, the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department was interested in bridging the digital divide for micro and small enterprises by offering a government subsidized e-commerce platform. Commercial bids for this project surpassed $200,000. In a cost saving measure Altamente outlined over several months reliable and extensible open source tools and online business strategies that would make the project viable and sustainable. Thanks to Altamente's input, Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department went on to establish a partnership with the University of Puerto Rico using open source tools to develop this project.