Length of relationship: 6 years
Service on the Board of Directors 2005-2008


●    'Busca el Sello' campaign: 

In 2007, in the face a widespread recession, Altamente designed and led an institutional program for the Products Association to foster a resurgence in local production and exports. The first stage of this program called for a media campaign aimed at driving the consumption of Puerto Rican made goods and services on the Island.   Through its strategic know how and connections, Altamente was able to secure over $120,000 in donations from various sources and ensured ample public and private sector cooperation in the campaign.  Altamente furthermore donated $14,000 of its advertising budget to the campaign effort.  Fundraising efforts and the good will generated resulted in a campaign valued at $1,000,000. According to reports from local store chains sales of Puerto Rican products rose 8% throughout the campaign.

●    Technology:  

The follow up to the marketing campaign, as described in the institutional program developed by Altamente is an online inventory of products and services made in Puerto Rico. Valued at $45,800 the technology platform for this new phase was provided by Altamente. The plan presented to the Association included working with the Universidad Sagrado Corazón to provide internships for students who would in turn be trained in the use of new technologies and gain experience in business, marketing and communications.