Length Engagement: 9 years, 2001-2010

As one of the tech start up pioneers, Altamente has always been committed to helping bridge the knowledge divide between well intentioned government policies to foster high tech innovation on the Island and the reality of being a startup.


Proposed and led the charge to create a committee that represented both technology solutions and represented the local emerging technologies sector. 

For seven years Altamente's President, Laura Gorbea, directed the Technology Committee for the Chamber. In that period, Gorbea organized several forums:

  • The technological infrastructure, software requirements and liabilities associated with the then upcoming HIPAA law.
  • A roundtable discussion analyzing 3 generations of economic development strategic plans provided under contract by external consultants to the Government of Puerto Rico. All roadmaps underscored the development of a high technology sector.
  • Globalization and technology outsourcing to the nations commonly referred to as BRIC.
  • Breakfast of Champions: a series of press conferences profiling local technology startup news
  • Women in Technology
  • Opportunities of the CAFTA

As a result of technology sector debates on CAFTA and the challenge of low cost outsourcing, the Committee underwent a yearlong process to explore the viability of a technology cooperative (Cooptec).

During Gorbea's leadership, Altamente sponsored yearly "state of the industry" research projects. These reports on job creation and company growth allowed drew the attention of media and government.

After its launch with Altamente at the forefront, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee continued to serve the industry well and present thought provoking conferences.