Length of relationship: 4 years, 2002-2006

Altamente's leadership and advocacy for Puerto Rico's technology sector paved the way for its founders to be extensively consulted for insight into business needs of high technology startup firms before the launch of Puerto Rico's first High-Technology Business Incubator.


Altamente assisted in the conceptualization of means to ensure sustainability of the project and technology infrastructure needs. In 2002, the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department was interested in bridging the digital divide for micro and small enterprises by  providing a VoIP network of offices around the Island aimed at providing integrated services to each region. Altamente's lead technology Consultant, James O'Malley was hired to serve as a consultant supervising the VoIP bid.  In 2004, the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department set out to define new opportunities to help local companies compete in the region. The new plan included creating a shared company incubator for companies and an online platform for local companies to sell on the Internet their goods and services.  Commercial bids for the online e-commerce platform surpassed $200,000. In a cost saving measure Altamente outlined over several months reliable and extensible open source tools and online business strategies that would make the project viable and sustainable. Thanks to Altamente's input, Puerto Rico Trade and Export Department went on to establish a partnership with the University of Puerto Rico using open source tools to develop this project.