Change is never easy.  The way we do business becomes ritualized. Habits become engrained. Before we know it, superficial attempts at change repeatedly fail to meet expectations. Altamente offers private and public sector organizations a holistic analysis of cultural dynamics inside the office and outside.  Our expertise include:

  • Ethnographies - Whether its getting to know your clients, studying routine interactions in the office or analyzing community relations and impact, we look at social interactions and consider the linguistic, cultural, economic characteristics to provide a better understanding of how things work.
  • Interviews, General Research and Participant Observation - Through our research we provide a better definition of the voices and perspective of the various stakeholders or key segments and also analyze the history and changing nature of the current interactions.
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation of Organizational Change - Altamente will work with clients to devise a new strategic direction, analyze threats and assist in bringing the plan to everyday tactics.
  • Strategic planning of corporate social responsibility efforts -. This service is provided in collaboration with SEquilibre our international partner with projects sustainability projects around the Caribbean.
  • Definition of roadmap for new services and relationships with consumers, citizens or clients
  • Social media planning and engagement
  • Generation of educational content as part of a public service

We have research and strategic planning experience in the following areas:

  • Education: bilingual education, community engagement, policy development
  • Food industry and professional services: new technology integration, community relations, social media engagement, content development
  • Government agencies: roadmap of new services to citizens, focus groups for new services, employees and other agencies, integration of new technologies into the workflow, training and content development
  • Nonprofit organizations and foundations: definition of strategic projects, constituent engagement, social media integration into operational goals
  • Economic Development: structuring new models for engaging universities and local industry, defining public awareness campaigns