Altamente Expands Its Media Presence

Begin your work week with science, technology and society insights from Altamente!

Starting September 23, 2015, both, James O'Malley and Laura Gorbea, Altamente's co-founders and lead consultants will be participating in Monday segments discussing technology, society and culture during the economic news analysis program: "Tu Salud Financiera".  If you would like to see the full list of TecnoSalud segments you can also access our episodes playlist on or you can catch the program live!After the show airs, a we often post our research and comments on the topic that was discussed in a free-style off-the-cuff (no teleprompter) along with each video segment in our Blog. 

Tu Salud Financiera is now in its fourth year of air time is produced by TiVA TV, Puerto Rico.  The program is hosted by Efrain Sánchez and Enid Flores, Esq.,  both business consultants at E2 Solutions.  You can catch Tu Salud Financiera live  Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm local time on any of the following media platforms: Channel 8.1, Liberty Cable channel 27, Claro TV channel 26, Radio Salud radio 1520AM, webstreaming on, Google TV, Chrome TV,  and Roku, or watch episodes at your leisure on youtube.