Privacy Statement

Data Collection by Type of Visit

Anonymous visitor: We collect only the IP address and log pages visited. There are no personally identifiable data collected.

Authorized visitor with account: We collect the information listed above. Your personally identifiable information may connect you with your page views on the site.

Data Security

We maintain strict standards for the storage of data, personal or otherwise. That said, you should only submit data of low sensitivity. You should not use a password here that could compromise any of your other more sensitive accounts.

Data Use

We use your data to better tailor our products and services. We may also periodically send emails to you about new product and service offerings.

Data Disclosure

We will not disclose your data to any third parties.

Data Retention and Disposition

We maintain records and logs for a period of two months. After that all raw data on statistics and page views are purged and only aggregate numbers are maintained.