President Chooses Drupal for

Altamente has used and developed for Drupal CMS web publishing platform for more than 5 years.

News has been breaking today that was build with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), the very same publishing platform that we use here at Altamente.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  Smart people choose Drupal.

At Altamente, we count on the following assets of Drupal:

  1. Secure
  2. Easy to use, extend
  3. Robust, feature rich
  4. Easy to theme
  5. Allows clients and their users to generate content all on their own
  6. No danger of data loss due to obsolescence or licensing restrictions or changes

Our community of developers has guaranteed Drupal is not going to go away, that its codebase is solid for the future, and that we have a stake in its progress. 

As an added bonus, any client that uses Drupal as their publishing platform, is rewarded with ownership of the source code.  That's right, you own all the code that goes into your website.  How is that for future-proofing your valuable data?  You will never have to refactor your website to a new application or programming language.

President Obama's team has made the right choice.  Isn't it about time you did so as well?

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