Altamente's Live Web Services take your web presence to the next level. Depending on your needs, we become your web journalist, blogging, writing, and documenting your company online for your clients. We know you are excited and passionate about your company and what you do, but we also know that it is a challange to translate your enthusiasm into an effective web presence. We will do it for you. We have highly skilled native speakers/writers in Spanish and English. Fill out our quotation request form and we will provide you with an effective solution.

Take a look at some of the most successful companies using the internet today, companies like Apple, Spirit Air, Norelco, Toyota, Volvo, Coca Cola, Nikon and others. Various of these have successfully captured the talents and insights of their consumers, turning them into positive agents of the company. Others have simply bypassed traditional forms of distribution and provided better, cheaper, and more convenient services.

Altamente understands the unique challenges of maintaining a web presence. Even large companies can have a difficult time. With Altamente's Live Web Services, we'll spend some time with you, get to to know you, and get to know your operations. We will make it all happen for you, and by ALL we mean the following:

  • Write your copy and maintain your site: Sure we'll use copy already prepared by your marketing department, but our writers are among the best with a long history of effectively communicating on the web. Based on the level of support you require, we will continue to generate articles, submit press releases, and work our angles for you.

  • Shoot corporate stock photography: We'll send in a photographer to image your employees, products, table lamps, whatever. We know how to shoot products and people for the web. We like taking pictures, and we do it pretty well.

  • Design your web portal: We will put together a design for your corporate presence. Based on an interview and what we learn about your company, we will start off with a few mockups.

  • Translate your design into a full fledged web application: Your website will be powered by a sophisticated Content Managment System, featuring a AJAX word processing utility built into the page. You can manage all the aspects of the website through a simple web browser. There are also add-on modules for e-commerce, detailed surveys, support forums, and live chat among others. The possibilities are endless and they are simple, powerful, and extensible.

Any web project requires a lot of work, technical expertise, and cleverness. Who has the time and money for that all that? Your company may have a marketing department, but perhaps they are not as up to speed with how to manage an effective website. You would pay to outsource it all, but let's be honest, your traditional ad and marketing agency may not perhaps represent you best value proposition.

We are always excited to learn about you and what you do. With your exceptional products and services and our multi-lingual global IT experience writing in both Spanish and English, we can take your company to the places it deserves to go.