Altamente provides the services your business needs to have a professional and functional Internet presence that works for your bottomline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our services include:

Design and Functionality: Altamente creates websites that are search engine and user friendly.  They  are constructed utilizing the best technology available so that assigned employees can update content at any time and prospective customers can find your site from any computer or hand held device.  Altamente sites can include: videos, blogs, RSS Feeds, forums, flash animations, e-commerce and more.

Web Content:  Through its "Live Web Services", Altamente develops content in both English and Spanish that is appealing to both a global audience and search engines.  Altamente also markets your content on the web to increase your site's visibility and ranking. 

Web Communities: Altamente can provide your company with a Customer Loyalty Internet Portal (CLIP).  Create points programs, e-communities around your products or services, send direct mail pieces to your communities, get feedback from your clients and perform research online.  For those who desire to reach a larger market, Altamente can create and manage bilingual communities.  Altamente brings you closer to your clients. 

Web Strategy Sessions:  Create a buzz for your company or product using the latest in web technology.  Discover new markets and increase your share on current markets through Altamente strategy sessions.   Our team will lead strategy sessions with your top management to take advantage of the Internet to increase your business' profitability.  

Service Rich Hosting: Altamente offers companies a hosting service that combines productivity modules and friendly technical support. “Service rich hosting” is available starting at $200 per month.  Basic hosting starts at $39.99.