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New Service for Online Campaigns and Fundraising

Pioneers in open source solutions for business in Puerto Rico, Altamente now offers Kanpora, an online platform that makes CivicCRM and Drupal based solutions easy to implement.

In March 2013, Altamente started exploring technology alternatives that would enable non-profits to do more good works, optimizing their administrative processes and contributor relationship management.

Kanpora Brings Webmail, Cloud Services and Collaboration

Over the next few months we will be upgrading and migrating our customers to a new web service. For the same monthly fee* they will now have access to cloud storage and sharing of files as well as the ability to coordinate calendars with co-workers and share contacts. These new services all extend to apps on mobile devices.Have you factored in the cost of the myriad of "free" services?

New Version of Social Network for Scientists and Puerto Rico

Altamente proudly announces its successful completion and launch of CienciaPR 2.0, providing a better home for networking, learning and promoting science in Puerto Rico.

Recently, Altamente was hired by Ciencia Puerto Rico as the technology solutions provider and consultant responsible for migrating a five year old social media platform in active use by over 5,000 scientists to a new more robust version. Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) is a nonprofit organization composed of scientists, professionals, students and citizens committed to promoting science, research and science education in Puerto Rico.


"Busca el Sello!" - Selling "Made in Puerto Rico" to a Global Market

Here at Altamente we have a long standing commitment to advancing the social and economic welfare of our community.  Since the Puerto Rico Products Association has been our client since 2002, we saw an opportunity to combine its growth in the Internet with public service.  After their site launched it became apparent that it had quickly become the primary link in Internet searches looking for Puerto Rico + Products. We informed the Association that their site's google performance was an enviable starting point for answering the question: What are those products and services made in Puerto Rico?

The Association had been exploring new ways to drive exports, but they were not alone. The government's Commerce and Export Company had also drawn as its top priority growing the local economy through increased exports. The challenge faced by both entities was drumming up excitement and investment abroad amidst a sluggish economy.

Altamente donated its time and effort developing a three phase institutional project for its client. The project, Bridging the Globe, is designed to increase export activity and as a result grow the local economy. The first stage proposed was a marketing campaign designed to improve the local market conditions.