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Mysql ISO-8859-1 (LATIN1) to UTF-8

I thought I would throw in a link to a howto I wrote over at OG Consulting. I would wager there are a few people out there that have legacy data in an old MySQL installation (4.0.x and below), and need to bring their installation up to date. I believe the MySQL folks are going to EOL (end of life) MySQL versions less than 4.1.x, so it is now a necessity to get it up to speed. For those of you with a lot of legacy data, I've written a little tutorial on stuffing your mixed character encoded data into a fresh shiny new MySQL installation.

Take a look here.

Holiday Attacks and Spam

This article is from last year, but it still holds true. The holidays are crazy with infrastructure attacks. Read my synopsis from OG Consulting - http://www.og-consulting.com/2006/12/22/fighting-the-good-fight-against-...

This year, I am noticing the spammers have gotten really smart. I see emails slipping through the filters, and I almost have to applaud them. "Way to go, bravo." They are simple, short, have maybe one link and have subtle and sometimes relevant subject lines. I got one the other day that had a Thanksgiving theme. Inside was a viagra, abilify or some sort of pharmaceutical spam.

From my perspective, we are protected from nearly all attack emails, exe attachments, links to trojans, malicious javascript, viruses, etc., but a few errant text only ads do slip through. I won't worry too much about them, but I still do my best to minimize these annoying pests.

On the server level, I've seen a marked increase in the past couple of weeks. I've taken precautions by:

It's a Good Time to Buy Hardware

We at Altamente have been really enjoying the heated competition between AMD and Intel. First we got 64 bit computing which expanded memory limits to the unimaginable, then as if that was not enough, we got dual cores - and then quad cores. Where will the madness stop?

These things may not make much difference to the home user or gamer. Single user multi-threaded applications are just not that trivial to write. Most applications have not yet taken full advantage of multi-core or even 64 bit computing.

Tailored to the Market

Information and products are now easily traded in a global market place but we believe in providing the extra step of service that recognizes that each region has its own idiosyncracy and threats. When entering new markets we look for partners that will ensure our customers will have a product from Altamente that not only speaks their language but also speaks to their regional trends in technology use and abuse. Rather than offer a "one size fits all globally," Altamente combines global security trends with locally developed permutations that show special regard to local needs and regional malware tendencies.

At present, Altamente is looking for top level partners that are interested in representing Altamente's appliances in their region. For more information on the demands and benefits of becoming an Altamente Business Partner for a new market feel free to contact us via email