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Altamente Expands Its Media Presence

Begin your work week with science, technology and society insights from Altamente!

Starting September 23, 2015, both, James O'Malley and Laura Gorbea, Altamente's co-founders and lead consultants will be participating in Monday segments discussing technology, society and culture during the economic news analysis program: "Tu Salud Financiera".  If you would like to see the full list of TecnoSalud segments you can also access our episodes playlist on Youtube.com or you can catch the program live!After the show airs, a we often post our research and comments on the topic


Insider's Look into the English for the Future Policy Congress

This past October in Cartagena, Colombia, the British Council celebrated the first in a series of three annual policy conferences on the subject of English language education in the Americas. The policy dialogues are meant to stimulate frank discussion of challenges, opportunities and choices faced by policy-makers working with English language teaching and hence were not open to the general public but limited to ministers of education, regional education secretaries and their advisors.

Wordpress Spammer Bots - A Workaround that Works

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

We run a small sitewide multi-domain Wordpress installation for blogs and simple sites.  Wordpress (and before that Wordpress MU) is easy to install, manage, hack, and looks nice out of the box.

The only problem is that it is just not that well engineered, and I have done more than my fair share of double takes as to how primitive the system is.

Overestimate the quality of Wordpress code at your own peril.

Here is a specific example and my method for working around a particular limitation (without patching the core). 

President Chooses Drupal for Recovery.gov

Altamente has used and developed for Drupal CMS web publishing platform for more than 5 years.

News has been breaking today that http://recovery.gov/ was build with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), the very same publishing platform that we use here at Altamente.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  Smart people choose Drupal.

OpenOffice.org: 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

OpenOffice.org–an application suite, not just a Web site—has tricks even Office can't manage. Here are a few that may not be obvious, plus a few ways to make it less annoying out of the box.

We are starting to see more movement in adoption of OpenOffice. There are many reasons, but a recent article in PC Magazine, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2341228,00.asp, lists some really killer features. Pay special attention to legacy formats. Using OpenOffice one can open just about any file, DOC, XLS, PPT, old or new.